Directions for Use / Start Up Instructions

Continue to feed as you normally do, using the Porta-Grazerô as a secondary source of feed until your horse becomes accustomed to grazing from the Porta-Grazerô by rotating the pan. If forced to eat from the Porta-Grazerô when overly hungry the pan will receive excessive wear.

During the break in period secure the Porta-Grazerô by one handle tying it high enough that it canít be tipped over. This will prevent your horse from rotating the entire barrel and learn to rotate the pan to graze its hay.

1) To remove (or replace) the feed pan, align the hole in the side of the pan with the arrow on the barrel handle.

2) Put 2-3 biscuits of hay, loosely separated, into the barrel and insert the feed pan with the flat side (holes) resting on top of the hay. Fill up to where the pan tabs lock in yet the pan turns freely. Do not overfill the hay so itís pushing up hard against the feed pan.

3) Pull a small amount of hay up through each hole for the first few days to get your horse started and encourage him to rotate the pan as he grazes.

4) When your horse is calmly eating from the Porta-Grazerô discontinue any other hay sources. (Minimum 5 days).

5) Always refill the Porta-Grazerô with enough hay so that your horse is not hungry at the next feeding Ė keep an eye on your hay levels so your horse has enough to last through the night.

IMPORTANT: If the hay has not been eaten and the remaining hay is swirled in a circular fashion or if the pan is being damaged, re-pack your hay as per 2) and 3) above.

Horses usually eat aggressively because they have been left too long without feed and/or they have stomach ulcers from rationed feeding. Be patient - they will get less anxious each day and the feed will last longer. If aggressive feeding behaviours continue, consult your veterinarian.

WARNING -- Horses hooves must be a minimum of 1" larger in diameter than feed pan holes to prevent possible entrapment and injury.