How To Use The Porta-GrazerTM

Hay is placed in the feeder. Then the restrictor pan is placed on top of the hay. The restrictor pan has a special arrangement of holes sized according to the horses size and type of feed to be consumed. The feed is pulled through the holes as it is being consumed, simulating natural grazing. As the feed is being pulled through the holes, sand and dirt are removed, collecting in the bottom of the feeder to be discarded later. Each bite is eaten as it is pulled through the holes, preventing the feed being picked through or dropped to the floor where parasites and sand may be ingested.

The feed pan can spin and be moved side to side making for easy access to all of the feed. The pan lowers to the bottom as the feed is consumed. The feed pan can be removed quickly and easily by lifting it straight up out of the top of the feeder. This action is almost impossible for the horse to achieve. There are no locks, latches or hardware to fool with. To reinsert the pan simply drop it in.

A 1/2 inch drain plug makes it easy to soak your feed if you have the need. PORTA-GRAZERTM TRAVELER reduces travel stress for you and your horse by not interrupting your horses feeding regiment while away from home. Just grab it from the stall, fill it with feed, pop on the lid and go. When the lid is removed it then becomes a 34 litre water trough.