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MPG2 Piece Unit - Mini Barrel & Restrictor pan insert
(3.5" holes)
8 kg Carton (56 x 56 x 48cm) $295.00
MPG-T3 Piece Unit - Mini Barrel, Restrictor pan insert
(3.5" holes) & lid/water trough
10 kg Carton (56 x 56 x 48cm) $345.00
XLPG2 Piece Unit - Barrel & Restrictor pan insert
(3.5" holes)
10 kg Carton (56 x 56 x 64cm) $325.00
XLPG-T3 Piece Unit - Barrel, Restrictor pan insert
(3.5" holes) & lid/water trough
12 kg Carton (56 x 56 x 64cm) $385.00
XLPG-LXL & Mini Lid/Water Trough 3 kg Package (56 x 56 x 27cm) $90.00
XLPG-RReplacement Restrictor Pan Insert 2 kg Package (50 x 50 x 26cm) $95.00
XLPG-KSKeeper Stand 3 kg Package (37 x 25 x 29cm) $50.00

Restrictor Pan Inserts:
* 3" holes are available for small horses & ponies under 14hh
* 4" holes are available for very large horses over 16.1hh
Please state in the comments box if you require these alternative sizes
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