Porta-GrazerTM Testimonials

Wow! What an excellent product.

I first saw these in the U.S. and tried them out with my own racehorses before installing them in all my stables. Results have been fantastic with horses enjoying natural slow feeding and showing less problems with colic and other digestive issues.

They also seem to enjoy playing with the Porta-GrazerTM instead of chewing their rugs, on their gates, or windsucking. Less mess in the stable means less waste & labour so cost effective! Highly recommended.

Julien Welsh, Horse Breaker, Vic.


I am not someone that usually gives any feedback for products I purchase so this is a rarity.

I put up cameras about 3 weeks ago because I kept having tendon injuries I could not explain or afford anymore. What the cameras caught was my horse pacing in his stall at about 10:00 pm and 3:00 am and again at 4:30 am for about an hour each time because he was out of food. When the barn would feed at 7am he would be bucking and trotting, just full of it. Our barn only feeds at 7am and 2pm and the rest is up to the boarders. I would feed again at 8 am and 6pm but that was it.

The Porta grazer was recommended by my vet so I ordered one. I received the Porta grazer about 2 weeks ago and there is a huge difference in my horse.

I was so afraid he would just eat and eat and eat and would become a super "toad belly" but the opposite happened. He has lost weight and looks fabulous. He loves it! What the cameras are catching now is a completely content horse that always has food. He does not inhale the flakes anymore, he is content to walk away and leave some in the Porta grazer and come back for it later.

I am completely surprised and thankful it works. We already have another boarder with one and there are 3 more on the horizon to be ordered by other boarders and even the barn manager is talking about it. Unbelievable something actually does exactly what is says it will. I wish I had known about this product a long time ago!

Paula Leonard 7 June 2013