Travel Ease

Just fill PORTA-GRAZERTM with up to 12kgs of hay or 23kgs of pellets and take it with you when you travel.

The Porta-GrazerTM Traveller reduces travel stress for you and your horse by not interrupting familiar feeding routines.

Haul only what they eat and not what they waste.

The lid is also a water trough holding 34 litres of water.

Reduces contamination and exposure to other horses' illnesses.

Use inconjunction with Porta-GrazerTM Keeper Stand for added security.

Manufactured from rugged low density polyethylene food grade plastic with UV protection added for longer life and outdoor use.


Porta-GrazerTM Traveller:  Height 64cm, Width 56cm, Weight 12kgs empty
Porter-GrazerTM:  Height 64cm, Width 56cm, Weight 10kgs empty.